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Need help finding an easier,more profitable way to run your book publishing program?  Does your  energetic team need information to get them pointed in the right directions?  We have 30 years of hands on experience in training, education and process innovation for all sizes of publishers from the "Big 5" to the single title independent.  Let us help revive your publishing stoke!


Thin Air Publishing

We publish titles that we physically want on our bookshelf.  Don't get us wrong, ebooks are super convenient and we do those too.  We are looking for titles to add to our program that shine a light on a new subject or a work of fiction we think needs a louder voice.


About Thin Air Collective

Melissa Serdinsky is the founder of Thin Air Collective.  With thirty years of experience in all things books including bookselling, book publishing, content creation and distribution, she works hard to play hard with her family in Boulder, CO.  Melissa believes you can't be an "expert" business consultant in an industry if you don't actively participate.  Put another way, you have to dig out of the deep powder to understand how to navigate the tree run better and with more stoke (yes, stoke is used twice on this page).   

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Email is great. Conversations are even better.  Send us a note about your publishing program needs or book idea and we will set up a time to talk in person. 

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